The Stance on Waste

In light of the growing waste problem in Singapore, the “Resource Sustainability Bill” was passed on the 4th of September. The main objective of this law is to reduce the build-up of e-waste in Singapore, by various measures such as making major electronics importers responsible for proper collection and disposal of their e-waste and through raising public awareness of e-waste recycling and the provision of additional venues for e-waste recycling (e.g. e-waste bins that are located in busy areas). Semakau island is also projected to be a “treasure island”, with the extraction of precious metals and reuse of e-waste, to carry a hefty value of ~$40 million.

This will help in the many steps to becoming a cleaner, more environmentally-conscious Singapore.

Read more about the other areas of waste here:…/new-zero-waste-law-to-compel…

About Metalo International

Metalo International is an e-waste recycling company based in Singapore. On our site, and our facebook page, we constantly try to keep our viewers aware of changes and events in the e-waste recycling industry today.

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