E-waste Recycling Bin

We provide placement of electronic waste recycling bins at your private premises for your convenient disposal of unwanted electronics and electrical equipment.

Electronic Waste Recycling Bin
  • Dedicated area for hassle-free disposal and recycling of a wide range of electronic products at easy-to-access locations in private premises such as offices and building lobby

  • Specially measured, customized and produced in-house e-waste bins to accommodate appropriate and common electronic waste.

  • We welcome any form of partnership or collaboration to incorporate your desired design into our customizable e-waste bins.

  • Simply contact us anytime the bin is full to schedule for collection based on your availability.

  • Proper documentation will be issued following each collection for your records.

  • Do not recycle these: battery, rubbish waste, hazardous products, anything too large for the opening.

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shell metal bin e waste recycling


You can dispose of your non-regulated electronic products at any of the selected Shell locations at any time.