Security Measures

  • Our fleet of transport vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking devices to provide real-time visibility on the location of tracked assets, from the moment the asset leaves the client premises to the time it reaches our processing facility.
  • Our processing facility is equipped with an access-controlled system, intrusion alarm system, CCTV 24/7 surveillance, and metal detectors to ensure all data bearing assets are stored securely in our premises before destruction.


Environmental Compliance

To demonstrate our environmental and safety standards, we are certified and accredited with International Standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14002, ISO 27001, and ISO 45001. We are also regularly audited by external parties to ensure maximum material recovery rates while minimizing environmental impact.

environmental and safety standards


Protecting Client Reputation

We at Metalo recognize that every business has IT assets that require disposal/ destruction after their useful life. This retired hardware may contain valuable corporate data and sensitive information like customer records, intellectual property, trade secrets, financial information, payroll records or credit card information. If compromised, it could lead to fraud, identity theft, and even financial loss!

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Using NSA listed products and adhering to industry standards for data sanitization, our secure data destruction services ensure all data is destroyed and irrecoverable, and include documentation and destruction certificate required for regulatory and corporate compliance.

shell metal bin e waste recycling


You can dispose of your non-regulated electronic products at any of the selected Shell locations at any time.