Degaussing Service

Our degaussing equipment complies with regulatory standards and regulations to immediately destroy all information stored in magnetic storage media through the significant magnetic charge that reverses the magnetic field on the platter. Degaussing is a method that permanently erases the data from functioning to non-functioning hard drives. It delivers a magnetic pulse that destroys the magnetic domains on the disk platter.

Regarding electronics management in Singapore, we will also ensure that our methods consider the environmental effects to avoid further damages. It’s a win-win situation for your company and the environment because our HDD degaussing (hard disk degaussing) guarantees a 100% erasure of sensitive data in an environmentally-friendly way. We will guarantee that the data will not be retrievable permanently.

To know more information about HDD degaussing, you can contact us today to assist you with your waste management. We will guide your company for a greener future that everyone deserves.

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You can dispose of your non-regulated electronic products at any of the selected Shell locations at any time.