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Singapore (637369)

On Site Facilities

Complete Computer & IT Equiptments Dismantling. Degaussing, Destruction and Disposal Services

Hard Drive Crusher

A hard drive crusher destroys all hard drives regardless of size, format or type, up to 1.85″ in thickness including desktop, laptop and server drives. All hard drives are completely physically destroyed and there is secure destruction of all data. There is completely no chance for data recovery.

HDD Degausser

A degausser ensures 100% data erosion using high powered magnets. Our degausser has acquired the approval of EMC, UL, and are compliant with US DoD, NSA, HK OGCIO and other international industrial standards.

Hard drive data destruction can be carried out by us either on-site or at your place of business or at out secure recycling facility depending on our needs. Please drop us an email of inquiry for further details,

Drilling Machine

For drilling of HDD or PCB Boards as required by customers

Bending Machine

Our facility can ensure double destruction for HDD after degaussing to secure complete destruction of data for total ease of mind. Our bending machine can also be used to bend PCB boards.

Air Compressor

Our air compressor has been approved by Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower to facilitate dismantling of IT equipment. Dismantling jobs will be completed more efficiently as compared to manual dismantling.