Our Events

In pursuit of a cleaner, greener and more environmentally conscious Singapore, we are also interested in serving the community as well, on top of giving our best to our customers.      We do this in various ways, such as:

  • Co-organizing community events
  • Educational talks at schools
  • Collaboration with companies, partners and GRCs

These events are to help raise greater awareness towards e-waste recycling and we are proud to do our part.

We are always willing to help out/get involved in events that help to shape public perception about e-waste. If you are interested, you can contact us to work it out together.

Together with JTC Corporation, Metalo held a collaborated green initiative in the collection and disposal of IT and Electronic items specially for the office tenants at JTC Summit. In addition, Metalo has also provided secure data destruction for these tenants who have deposited their hard drives to us on site.

A recycling event held on 12 Jan 2020 at St George’s Road, supported by Kolam Ayer – St George’s East RC, National Environment Agency and Veolia.

E-waste recycling event held at Hillbrooks Condominium & Hillview Garden. Delighted to have engaged the residents with our customisable keychains using recycled computer keyboards. On top of it, we have also created more awareness and understandings to the residents on the importance of proper e-waste disposal. Thank you South West Community Development Council for inviting Metalo International to the event. We are honoured to meet Ms Low Yen Ling, Mayor of South West District.

Our keychain making sessions with alphabets that have been extracted out from used keyboards.

We have collected good tonnage of electronic waste from the commendable efforts by all P&G staff.

A community outreach programme in advocating social and environmental causes at The Frontier Community Club on the 16th of November with Jurong West Secondary School,  marks the 2nd year of our collaboration.

We are delighted to have this sharing session attended by 150 people. All attendees have gained in-depth knowledge and understandings on – What is E-waste? How do they affect human body and environment? How they should be properly disposed of?..and Much More!

We educated many people about E-Waste through this 3-days meaningful event in collaboration with NEA, happy to see parents and teachers educating our future generations on how to dispose their unwanted IT and electronic waste properly so that we can work together to reduce the impact of these used electronics on our environment.

Metalo International is proud to collaborate with Shell in promoting proper disposal of e-waste in Singapore. Specially and beautifully designed Electronic Waste Recycling Bin was launched across 24 selected Shell Stations between 2019 to 2021. Let us all contribute to a greener and more sustainable Singapore.

A meaningful event at Jurong West Secondary School co-organised together with Metalo International in its effort to protect the environment. We have received loads of E-waste such as laptops, mobile phones, cameras and other recyclables from the students, teachers and their families, and including the residents who are staying within the vicinity.

The Boon Lay Climate Action Drive held in 2018 was a great success. Mr Patrick Tay, Advisor to Boon Lay Grassroots Organisations and MP for West Coast GRC (Boon Lay) attended this event as a guest of honor to encourage recycling in our daily lives as well. Metalo International even had the privilege to be invited up on stage to give a educational talk on proper E-waste recycling in Singapore to the audiences. We will continue to participate in future community events in its effort to shape a Cleaner & Greener Singapore!