About Your E Waste Management Company

E Waste Management Company in Singapore

We are a Singapore-based e-waste management company with over ten years of experience and know-how in the electronic waste industry. We have our infrastructure and expertise to provide the most effective electronic waste management solutions, including IT asset disposition, secure data destruction, and e-waste recycling.

As a leading e-waste management company in Singapore, we care about conserving precious natural resources, reducing environmental pollution, and securing customer privacy while doing our part to promote responsible recycling and build a circular economy.

Metalo emloyees


Health and Safety

Safety is our utmost priority and should never be compromised. We are dedicated to providing a healthy and safe workplace for everyone – employees, clients, partners, subcontractors, and community members – to ensure minimal risk and zero injuries and accidents

  • Workplace Safety Training
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Infrastructure and Machine Safety
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response



We are committed to preventing unauthorized access to our premises, as well as any damage or danger to our personnel and property. Our information asset protection guidelines are designed to preserve our client’s confidentiality and ensure

  • The confidentiality of Company, Client, and Customer Information
  • The privacy of personal information
    (as legally obligated)
  • The integrity and availability of Information Assets when required for Company purposes
  • The prevention of inappropriate use of or unauthorized access to Facilities/Information Assets
  • The reduction of security risks in the organization.


Integrity and Respect

Doing the right thingis the foundation for everything we do in order to earn client’s trust. We uphold the highest standards of integrity through responsible actions and words.

We value everyone and treat each other – employees, clients, partners, subcontractors, and community members with dignity and professionalism.

Environment Responsibility

We support sustainable and safe methods of recycling processes that minimize negative impact on the environment



We guarantee an appropriate level of transparency in what we do. Our clients can count on us to keep them informed at every stage of the recycling process. We are responsible for tracking the items we handle from the point of collection to the final destination.


Our Certification

As an e-Waste management company in Singapore, we comply with all regulations in order to maintain our commitment to clients and the environment.

We have worked hard to achieve the industry’s most significant certifications. Our goal is to ensure that all our processes protect the environment and the safety of our client’s data.

  • We are licensed by NEA to de-manufacture, recycle, and refurbish different types of electronic devices in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • We have been assessed and certified to demonstrate compliance to industry standards for human health and the environment, quality and data security standards.

ISO 9001 (Quality Management)

International standard to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that satisfy customer and regulatory requirements

ISO 14001 (Environmental Management)

International standard to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that satisfy customer and regulatory requirements

ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management)

International standard to protect employees and visitors from work-related accidents and diseases

ISO 27001 (Information Security Management)

International standard to provide a framework for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) in protecting most vital assets like employee and client information, brand image and other private information.


bizSAFE STAR is a Singapore’s highest level of accreditation in the bozSAFE journey. It signifies the organization’s achievement of Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) Safety and Risk Management Excellence.

Independent third-party audits are performed on a regular basis to guarantee complete compliance with industry standards and government regulations.

shell metal bin e waste recycling


You can dispose of your non-regulated electronic products at any of the selected Shell locations at any time.

    Our Services

    Metalo provides a comprehensive and fully integrated suite of Infocomm Technology (ICT) Equipment Disposition and Recycling services that cater to organizations of all sizes in both the private and public sectors, improving their e-waste management in Singapore. We understand that appropriate collection, treatment, and recycling of electronics at the end of their life is essential to provide sound e-waste management for electronics, contribute to a circular economy, and enhance resource efficiency while reducing their carbon footprint.

    ITAD (IT Asset Disposition)

    ITAD (IT Asset Disposition)

    Metalo International practices ITAD or IT asset Disposition that respects the environment. We recycle, repair, or repurpose unwanted IT equipment for greener e-waste management in Singapore. We will also provide a range of services that considers our client’s privacy and data confidentiality. Additionally, our company will listen to the client’s specific requirements or requests to achieve a win-win goal for both the client and the environment

    Data Destruction

    Data Destruction

    Companies have the responsibility to properly dispose of unnecessary yet confidential data to protect their privacy. Luckily, we at Metalo International provide cost-effective solutions in compliance with data security regulations. Our services include asset tagging, inventory validation, dismantling hard drives, and safe e-waste disposal in Singapore.

    Our company also ensures environmental-friendly electronic waste disposal in Singapore for a better and greener future. We can tailor your needs based on your specific requests to achieve successful waste management.

    E-Waste Recycling

    E-Waste Recycling

    Electrical equipment and gadgets have a limited lifespan. So, we at Metalo International offer safe and responsible electronic recycling in Singapore to protect the environment. With our e-waste management expertise, we will provide a systematic and organized solution based on our client’s requirements and specific needs.

    We also ensure that our company will follow proper disposal compliance to avoid compromising your privacy, risking data confidentiality, and damaging the environment.

    Data Center Services

    Data Center Services

    We can also assist our clients in decommissioning date centers responsibly. Our company ensures that we will make a systemic approach for our data center services. It includes assessing inventory and dismounting retired assets, inventory reconciliation, cable removal, data destruction offsite or at our facility, and providing e-waste management solutions. We will also listen to your specific requirements for a more satisfactory result.