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Managing and disposing e-waste often requires professional services, as many electronic devices contain data and other kinds of sensitive information that can’t simply be erased at the click of the delete button. In this article, we will explore and introduce the various services provided by an e-waste management company in Singapore that are designed to securely dispose of all manner of electronic devices.

Proposal of Suitable Services

There are different methods of destroying and disposing of e-waste, depending on what those devices are. For instance, data centres require decommissioning, where racks and other infrastructure pieces are dismantled; while data storage devices undergo stringent data destruction processes. It might seem confusing initially to identify the suitable service(s) for your e-waste, but our experienced staff will be on board to propose the right service based on the equipment you’re trying to get rid of. Managing e-waste shouldn’t be difficult, and here at Metalo, our e-waste disposal in Singapore is a straightforward, no-frills process.

Collection & Sorting

If you’re managing a large amount of e-waste, at, for instance, a corporate entity, our team at Metalo’s e-waste disposal company in Singapore can dispatch staff and collection vehicles to not only safely transport your e-waste to our plant; but we can also help organise the various kinds of e-waste that you have so it’s easier to take stock and figure out the different disposal services you could use.


If your e-waste comes with many complex parts, you don’t have to worry about trying to strip them by yourself. Our e-waste disposal in Singapore also comes with dismantling services that will help do that for you; your only responsibility is to call us, and we’ll do the rest for you, both technically and logistically, from transportation to dismantling.


It might seem like a complicated term to anyone outside the realms of e-waste disposal in Singapore, but it is, simply put, the demagnetisation of storage devices to immediately destroy all information stored within. One of the most common degaussing services used is HDD degaussing, or hard disk degaussing; this is because many of us store all our information in hard drives, and when large corporate entities eventually opt to get rid of them, there is inevitably a huge amount of sensitive data within that needs to be thoroughly wiped clean. Here at Metalo, our degaussing equipment has been certified by regulatory bodies to be in compliance with the high standards required to wipe sensitive information.


After electronic devices have been degaussed, we take things one step further by physically crushing your e-waste (after extracting recyclable materials) and rendering them unreadable. This puts to bed any lingering qualms about any remote possibility of discarded e-waste being recoverable. Our e-waste disposal in Singapore ensures that the “death” of your e-waste is final.

End-of-life Recycling/Refinery

As mentioned earlier, there are many parts within discarded electronic devices that can be recycled such as fragments of gold, steel, and copper; or must be disposed of securely, such as batteries and other chemicals. Here at Metalo’s e-waste management company in Singapore, we’re also committed to doing our part for the environment by extracting as many recyclable parts as possible, and safely disposing of harmful chemicals that would otherwise taint the air we breathe in without proper disposal techniques.

For more information about the different services we offer, and the processes behind them, please visit our website.

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