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A place for convenient and secure disposal of your E-waste

Metalo International Pte Ltd

Metalo International is a company that provides “One-Stop Scrap Recycling, Total Computer & IT Equipments Destruction/Security Services”. We give consumers and firms a cost efficient and peace of mind, with cost effective solutions for their e-waste disposal and information security. Our company hopes to faithfully serve consumers, corporate firms and businesses with handling the destruction or disposal of electronic waste such as sensitive information stored on HDDs, IT equipment such as laptops, servers or other consumer electronics.

Common E-Waste Colllected


The Stance on Waste

In light of the growing waste problem in Singapore, the "Resource Sustainability Bill" was passed on the 4th of September ...
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One man’s waste is another man’s Livelihood

Where does all our e-waste go? Most of us try to avoid thinking about where our waste ends up because ...
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The Importance of Data Sanitation

Most of us now, have our own personal devices. Each of us, more than one. A phone, a tablet, and ...
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