Our Methodology

    • Our specialization is in the destruction, recycling and refinery of electronic/IT related components. All destructed and dismantled products will be exported by us to places such as Thailand and Japan for refinery in an ethical way.
    • We take pride in handling our customer’s materials seriously, with our services specially tailored to cater to customer’s IT equipment disposal needs. Our staff will oversee the collection, logistics, and operations of the destruction process. Dedicated staff will be specially assigned to follow up on the destruction process, which ends with our customers receiving a Certificate of Destruction.

Metalo International has a mission towards the ethical disposal and re purposing of electronic waste which is rich in precious minerals and other materials that may be deemed as pollutants if disposed carelessly. In the extremely profit incentivised world today, large recycling companies see dumping and reselling waste illegally as a cheap alternative to the bulk disposal of E-Waste. Rather than the company paying for the cost of disposal, the environment pays for the cost, suffering from careless pollution.





For used or obsolete Electronic Waste, though some components may not be functioning, we aim to salvage as much as possible by dismantling and segregating components of e-waste that can be reused or recycled in an environmentally friendly way.



Degaussing ensures complete and secure data erosion within HDDs. We provide this service and are able to mass desruct information from whatever HDDs you may have remaining, be it from personal or company use.



Our recycling facility has a variety of machines and heavy duty machines that help to crush and granulate HDDs and PCB boards for recycling and erosion of data.


Disposal Services

Post destruction, our company will cater for the processed electronic waste to be shipped out internationally for ethical disposal and recycling.


Hard Drive Crusher

This hard drive “crusher” destroys all hard drives regardless of their size, format or type up to 1.85″
High including desktop, laptop and server drives.
Therefore, all hard drives are completely physical destructed, secured data deletion and no chance for data

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